Evening Seminars

Our Evening Seminars are free and open to the public. They are held at a variety of locations in the Greater Boston area.

Title When Lecturer(s) Venue Room
GBC/ACM 2009 Annual Business Meeting Thursday, June 18, 2009 - 6:30pm Chapter Officers IBM Innovation Center, Waltham, MA
How to Build Programmable Multi-Core Chips Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 7:00pm Jack Dennis, MIT-CSAIL MIT Building E51 (Tang Center) E51-345
Life with Four Billion atoms Thursday, April 23, 2009 - 6:00pm Tom Knight MIT CSAIL and Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc. Broad Institute - 7 Cambridge Center Auditorium
The Improbable Success of Probabilistic Models Thursday, March 19, 2009 - 7:00pm Jeff Buzen MIT Building E51 (Tang Center) E51-325
RBridges: Layer 2 Forwarding Based on Link State Routing Thursday, February 19, 2009 - 7:00pm Donald Eastlake Verizon Laboratories, Inc.
Rapid Application Development for the Cloud Thursday, January 15, 2009 - 7:00pm Dennis McCarthy & James Turner, Kronos Labs IBM Innovation Center, Waltham, MA
Computational Information Design Thursday, December 11, 2008 - 7:00pm Ben Fry MIT Building NE30 (Broad Institute) Auditorium
Open-architectures for Reading, Writing & Computing with Genomes Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 7:00pm George Church Broad Institute - 7 Cambridge Center Auditorium
Security in Voting Systems Thursday, October 16, 2008 - 7:00pm Professor Ronald L. Rivest, MIT CSAIL MIT Building 32 (Stata Center) 32-123
Evolvability and Robust Design Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 7:00pm Gerald Jay Sussman Broad Institute - 7 Cambridge Center Auditorium
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