Service based Intelligence: Evolution from Switching to Transmission and Access

Thursday, June 20, 2002 - 7:00pm
Anant Kumar Jain

This talk provides an overview of the service based network intelligence building approach as applied to Switching components in the form of Intelligent Networks (IN) and currently in VoIP networks. The same approach will then be extended to Transmission and Access segments of Telecommunications Infrastructure by capturing the "Services View" of these components. The services can be identified from end-users, network operators and service providers' perspective. How these services could be delivered and deployed intelligently in these segments leading to Intelligent Optical Networks and Intelligent Local Loops will be discussed.

The alternative approaches to IN like SoftSwitches, Active Networking, and Mobile Agents would also be covered. It will conclude with how these network segments could collectively deliver end-2-end-multiservice network solutions using service based IN-like approaches leading to Intelligent MultiService Networks.

Lecturer Biography: 

Anant Kumar Jain has been a Member of Technical Staff in Lucent Technologies since 1997. He is a Systems Engineer in Operations Support Systems (OSS) in the Optical Networking Group. Anant provides consulting in Systems Requirements and Architecture for OSI and IP based OSS applications and designs Engineering Guidelines for their deployment in customers’ networks.

Anant has 15 years of experience in Telecommunications Industry. Prior to joining Lucent, he was a consultant for past 10 years and worked for clients like Lucent, IBM, Nortel and Harris Corp. and was the Project Leader in various projects, especially "Interface Approval of Nortel’s Switch in India".

Anant is a Senior Member of IEEE and very active in the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc). He has been the Chair, IEEE Communications Society Boston Chapter 1999-2000 and got the “Chapter of the Year Award” for Boston Chapter in 1999 in Brazil and wrote an invited article on the Boston Chapter in IEEE Communications Magazine July 2000 Issue. As Chapter Chair, Anant represented North America in ComSoc Membership Development Board. He initiated the Chapter’s involvement in ComSoc sponsored activities like organizing IN2001 Workshop and had one other Chapter Chair serving in the IN2001 Organizing Committee. Anant represents the IEEE Communications Society in IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 36 (SCC36) on Utility Communication Industry. Anant is member of various Technical Committees of IEEE Communications Society. Anant has been nominated for election as “Members-at-Large” in the Board of Directors of IEEE Communications Society.

Anant is one of the editors of IEEE Communications Magazine and Paper Review Liaison for articles for this Magazine. He served as Guest Editor for a Feature Topic “Intelligence in Optical Networks” for IEEE Communications Magazine appeared in the September 2001 Issue.