Secure XML

Saturday, March 22, 2003 - 9:00am
MIT Room 34-101
Donald Eastlake, III

In this seminar you will learn how to make your XML documents and databases more secure and incorporate authentication and encryption into your XML based protocols and programs through use of the security recommendations from the World Wide Web Consortium.

Unfortunately, XML was originally designed without taking security into account. As a result, there are a number of special problems in secure XML. In particular, making XML digital signatures both secure and robust requires special canonicalization mechanisms to standardize the expression of XML.

The seminar will also cover "Advanced" digital signatures as specified by ETSI to meet the European Directive for enforceable signatures and the emerging W3C XML Key Management System standard to offload key lookup and verification from devices such as PDAs and telephone handsets.

Seminar in Detail: 
  • XML and cryptography basics
  • XML signatures, and authentication
  • ETSI advanced signatures
  • XML canonicalization
  • XML encryption
  • Keying and key management
  • Profiling XML security for applications

Advanced Registration Price: $80.00 Good until Monday, 03/17/2003
Regular Price: $90.00

Donald E. Eastlake, III, is the co-chairman of the joint IETF/W3C XML Digital Signature working group, a member of the W3C Encryption and W3C XML Key Management System working groups, and co-author of the XML Digital Signature, XML Encryption, and XML Exclusive Canonicalization standards. He has been deeply involved in network and financial transaction security for many years with IBM, CyberCash, and Digital Equipment Corporation, and is now at Motorola as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. He was the principal author of the current IETF Domain Name System security standard and is chairman of the e-Commerce oriented IETF TRADE working group.

Title: Secure XML: The New Syntax for Signatures and Encryption
Author(s): Donald Eastlake & Kitty Niles
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
List price: $44.99
PDS price: $30.00
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