Perl 6 and Parrot

Saturday, October 2, 2004 - 9:00am
MIT Room 54-100
Dan Sugalski

Parrot is a new language-independent virtual machine intended to run Perl 6, Perl 5, Python, Ruby, and z-machine code. It is a register-based, bytecode-driven, asynchronous, event-capable, threaded VM with a built-in just-in-time compiler. This tutorial will provide an overview of Parrot and some technologies in the Parrot engine.

Who Should Attend?

Perl and Python users interested in finding out what is coming down the pike and system developers interested in learning about some breakthrough technologies for language runtime systems.

Click here to download Parrot 0.1.0 for Microsoft Windows.

Seminar in Detail: 
  • Overview of Parrot
  • Overview of Perl 6 and comparison to Perl 5
  • Perl versus Python versus Ruby: what are the tradeoffs ?
  • Tricks of building a Virtual Machine
  • Tutorial on some of the technologies of the Parrot engine

Advanced Registration Price: $80.00 Good until Monday, 09/27/2004
Regular Price: $90.00

Title: Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials. 2nd Edition
Author(s): Allison Randal, Dan Sugalski, and Leopold Totsch
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
List price: $29.95
PDS price: $20.00
Peter Mager

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