Model-Oriented Architectures and Frameworks for Swing-based User Interfaces

Saturday, April 30, 2005 - 9:00am
MIT Room 34-101
Dan Jacobs

Building complex, functional, scalable, user-friendly, and robust user interfaces is a difficult task. The two most important jobs of any user interface are maintaining a high level of confidence from the user, and performing the right work in cooperation with the back-end of the application. Good model-oriented approaches to user-interface design and implementation, in conjunction with good supporting frameworks, help to address both of these concerns by providing consistency and reliability in the interface itself, and coordinated separation of front-end and back-end logic. Swing is based on a variation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, but the models and controllers in Swing's world are not application models and application controllers. Model-oriented architectures expose another level of MVC in which Swing is used to implement the view, while the application models and controllers are expressed in the language of the application. This presentation explores this higher level and examines practical ways to build world-class user interfaces using Java and Swing.

Who Should Attend ?

Experienced object-oriented software developers who want to learn how to build better desktop-style user-interfaces with a lot less effort. Familiarity with event-driven user-interface development is useful. Familiarity with Java and Swing, while useful, is not essential.

Seminar in Detail: 
  • Object-oriented design patterns for structuring model-oriented user-interface design
  • Tips and tricks to use Swing effectively
  • Concrete approaches for implementing viewers
  • Concrete approaches for data validation

Dan Jacobs has an M.S. in Software Engineering and over 20 years of experience as an architect and developer of object-oriented software. Dan started ModelObjects Group in 1995 (originally Tech Tonic Netsystems), as an independent consulting company specializing in providing assistance in all areas of Java architecture and development for the Boston area software community. Dan is also the President of JPlates Inc., which provides commercial software tools for object-oriented development of web applications and code-generation applications. In addition, Dan has served as the chairman of the Boston area ACM WebTech chapter since 1997.

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