JavaServer Pages Development

Saturday, March 16, 2002 - 9:00am
MIT Room 34-101
John Zukowski

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is Sun's approach to creating dynamic Web sites with a cross-platform, server-side scripting language. Developed primarily for the non-programmer to take advantage of Java servlets and JavaBean components, JSP allows web designers and Java programmers alike to create dynamic Web sites. After going over the basics, much of the lecture focuses on integrating JSP-based Web sites with other Java technologies like Java servlets and JavaBean components. In some cases, to communicate with these other technologies, custom tag libraries are used, to help minimize the amount of Java code in the JSP pages. Dealing with such topics as authentication, personalization, and internationalization from JavaServer Pages is also covered, as is integrating JSP with JavaScript.

Seminar in Detail: 

HTTP request-response model and the basics of Java servlets and JSP Develop and deploy JavaServer Pages (JSP) Understand JSP syntax: directives, expressions, and scriptlets Integrate JavaBean components with JSP Communicate with Java Servlets Exception Handling and debugging Utilize custom tag libraries


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Title: JavaServer Pages
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