Java Gems: Ant, Tapestry and Lucene

Saturday, April 9, 2005 - 9:00am
MIT Room E51-345
Erik Hatcher

While the Java language is fun, friendly, and easy to learn, to successfully build sophisticated applications, a Java developer needs to keep up with the alternatives available from the open-source landscape. This tutorial focuses on three open-source Java projects, namely, Ant, Tapestry and Lucene. Ant is the de facto Java build tool, automating steps of the development process such as unit testing, documenting, reporting, packaging and deploying. This tutorial covers the basics, tips and tricks, as well as best practices of building a web application. Tapestry is the premiere Java-based web framework. Tapestry facilitates true component-oriented web development. Those who are familiar with the plumbing behind sophisticated web interfaces will be pleased at the speed at which a web application can be produced using this framework. Lucene is a very fast and scalable search engine that can be embedded into an application.
Who Should Attend ?

Developers with some experience in object-oriented programming. Java developers will be right at home. C# or ASP.NET developers will benefit from seeing the best of breed Java solutions. Development managers will benefit from learning the streamlined development possibilities.

The tapestry example code is downloadable here.
Lucene example code can be downloaded from the site for Eric's Lucene book.

Seminar in Detail: 
* Java development best practices
* Ant - build tool
* Tapestry - web framework
* Lucene - search engine 

Advanced Registration Price: $80.00 Good until Thursday, 04/07/2005
Regular Price: $90.00

Erik Hatcher is an Apache Software Foundation member and committer on several projects including Ant, Tapestry, and Lucene. He co-authored two well-received books on Ant and Lucene. Erik has written articles for several publications, including, JavaPro, and IBM developerWorks. He frequently presents at conferences such as JavaOne, O'Reilly Open Source Convention, Open Source Content Management Conference, the No Fluff, Just Stuff symposiums, and Java User Groups. Erik is a developer at the University of Virginia's Applied Research in Patacriticism department.

Title: Java Development with Ant
Author(s): Erik Hatcher, Steve Loughran
Publisher: Manning Publications
List price: $44.95
PDS price: $30.00
Title: Lucene in Action
Author(s): Otis Gospodnetic, Erik Hatcher
Publisher: Manning Publications
List price: $44.95
PDS price: $30.00
Title: Tapestry in Action
Author(s): Howard M. Lewis Ship
Publisher: Manning Publications
List price: $44.95
PDS price: $30.00
Lena Lau
Map showing the MIT campus. The red building is Bldg. E51; the T symbol at the top is the Kendall T-Station. Building E51 is located near the Eastern extremity of MIT, on Memorial Drive close to the Longfellow Bridge. It also adjoins Amherst Street and Wadsworth Street.

Building E51 is a short walk from the Kendall T station. Room 345 is on the third floor.

Parking: Driving westbound on Memorial Drive you may park on the street near Building E51. There are often spaces available there in the evening. Driving eastbound on Main Street you will see an MIT parking lot on the right between the Kendall Square T and the Longfellow Bridge.

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