Application Security Principles

Saturday, October 18, 2003 - 9:00am
MIT Room 34-101
Chris Wysopal

This seminar provides an understanding of secure application design, security trade-offs, and common problems with implementing secure code. Architects, developers, and project managers will learn how to proactively integrate security principles into software engineering practices to prevent vulnerabilities from entering the code base. By focusing on the security risks inherent in the application development process, these principles can be applied to any programming language or technology.

Seminar in Detail: 
  • address security issues inherent in the application design process
  • identify assets, threats, and countermeasures
  • identify tools and techniques to achieve a secure implementation
  • identify vulnerabilities by optimizing the testing phase
  • prevent application resource and information leakage

Advanced Registration Price: $80.00 Good until Monday, 10/13/2003
Regular Price: $90.00

Chris Wysopal, Director of Research and Development at @stake, Inc, is a regular advisor to several high security government agencies and now manages @stake's pioneering research in wireless security, application security, portable device security, digital forensics, attack simulation, and the ability for critical infrastructures to withstand attack. Generally accepted as an expert in the field of information security, Mr. Wysopal presented expert testimony in May of 1998 on the state of US Government computer security to the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs.

Prior to @stake, Mr. Wysopal was a Senior Security Engineer at GTE Internetworking (formerly known as BBN). He also held the position of Security Researcher for L0pht Heavy Industries, the independent security research group that joined forces with executives from Forrester Research, Cambridge Technology Partners, and Compaq to form @stake.

Title: Writing Secure Code, 2nd Edition
Author(s): Michael Howard and David C. LeBlanc
Publisher: Microsoft Press
List price: $49.99
PDS price: $30.00
Jay Conne

MIT is at 77 Massachusetts Avenue, just on the north side of Memorial Drive(on the north shore of the Charles River), in Cambridge, MA.

Map showing the MIT campus. The red building is Bldg. 34; the Kendall T-Station is on Main Street off the right side of the map.

Building 34 is located on Vassar Street about half way between Main Street and Massachusetts Ave. It is a small square building turned 45 degrees to the street so it may look like a diamond, especially with a glass atrium entrance. Building 34 is set back a few yards from the street and the line of other buildings. It is between buildings 36 and 38.

Parking: Vassar Street on the other side of Mass Ave has a parking lot, a garage, and plenty of spaces on the street. MIT West Annex Lot and West Garage

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