Playing with WaveForms using the Cypress PSOC environment and Oscilloscopes

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 6:00pm
Lincoln Lab Cafeteria
Mike Daly

This hands-on tutorial will show you how to manipulate waveforms using the PSoC Integrated Development Environment, which combines a context sensitive C editor with a Schematic Capture process for designing with libraries of analog and digital virtual hardware, and then download the design onto a piece of target hardware. The integrated hardware / software co-designs use a unified bitstream image of your application to program a reconfigurable Cypress Semiconductor PSoC, situated on a compact printed circuit board development target containing several sensors and LEDs.

The workshop will start with a brief introduction to Programmable System on a Chip (PSOC) technology and the Cypress IDE (CAD system) for developing applications. The bulk of the workshop will consist of labs using a new PSoC Creator component, the WaveDAC8. We will show you how to generate increasingly complex waveforms starting with the simplest (Sine, Triangle, FSK, DTMF, etc.) using the WaveDAC8 component without having to input lookup tables in your code. Agilent Oscilloscopes (provided for the day by MetricTest will be available to verify the waveforms generated. We will be using Cypress development kits to show how the PSoC can be interfaced to sensors and actuators to build a total system.

The PSoC Creator 2.1 software that will be used in the workshop is free and available for download at . Please install the software on a laptop that you will bring with you prior to the workshop so that we can minimize the amount of workshop time we spend on installation issues. PSoC Creator is WIN based and as such will only run on PCs or MACs running a WIN environment.

This seminar is free, but you must register at so we have enough development kits and food.

The workshop will be held in the cafeteria at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, 244 Wood Street, Lexington, MA 02420, not on the main campus. Directions to Lincoln Lab are available online at

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