New Insights from Data: the Future of Data Visualization: Integrating Visualization and Analysis

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 7:00pm
Georges Grinstein

IEEE Computer Society and GBC/ACM

7:00 PM, Thursday, 8 November 2012
Broad Institute Auditorium (MIT Building NE-30)

New Insights from Data: the Future of Data Visualization:
Integrating Visualization and Analysis

Georges Grinstein

New data visualization tools are revolutionizing all research but it still appears that analysis and visualization are separate activities. In this talk I will provide an overview of data visualization, identify key visualization and analysis issues and opportunities, discuss grand challenges, and provide a few examples of potential breakthroughs. I will discuss two such breakthroughs in detail: RadViz, an ultra high-dimensional data visualization and Weave, a Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment. Both were developed by at the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and both have been applied to biological problems.

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Georges Grinstein is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Head of its Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics Program, Co-director of its Institute for Visualization and Perception Research, and of its Center for Biomolecular and Medical Informatics. His research interests are broad and include computer graphics, visualization, data mining, virtual environments, and user interfaces with the emphasis on the modeling, visualization, and analysis of complex information systems, most often biomedical in nature. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Rochester in 1978.

He has over 30 years in academia with extensive private consulting, over 100 research grants, products in use nationally and internationally, several patents, numerous publications in journals and conferences, founded several companies, and has been the organizer or chair of national and international conferences and workshops in Computer Graphics, in Visualization, and in Data Mining (co-chair IEEE Visualization Conferences, co-chair CHI Microarray Data Analysis Conferences, program committee AAAI conferences in Knowledge Discovery and Databases, co-chair IEEE Workshops on the Integration of Databases and Visualization, co-chair IEEE and AAAI Workshops on the Integration of Data Mining and Visualization, co-chair ACM workshop on the Psychological and Cognitive Issues in the Visualization of Data, and co-chair SPIE Visual Data and Exploration and Analysis Conferences.)

He is on the editorial boards of several journals in Computer Graphics and Data Mining, has been a member of ANSI and ISO, a NATO Expert, and a technology consultant for various government agencies.

This joint meeting of the Boston Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society and GBC/ACM will be held in the Broad Institute Auditorium (MIT building NE-30). The Broad Institute is on Main St between Vassar and Ames streets.

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