Web 2.0 For the Rest of Us

Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 7:00pm
Joshua Porter, Director of Web Development, User Interface Engineering

In the past 10 years the Web has seen many companies come and go. Only a few of the companies around in 1996 have survived to see their second decade. The ones that have survived, however, have taught us a lot about how to build web-based software. Using examples from the successful web-based companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo, I will illustrate the lessons we've learned from their success. I will also demonstrate how new, enabling technologies like RSS allow developers to change the way that users get content, and highlight some social software best practices like recommendation systems. In Web 2.0 for the Rest of Us I will explain how the rest of us can create better software by observing those who went before.

Lecturer Biography: 

In addition to leading the development of UIE's web sites, Josh is a member of UIE's research team and has written extensively on such topics as Web 2.0, Ajax, web standards, and design best practices. Josh shares many of his design thoughts and commentaries on his personal blog: Bokardo.com.