Is there any hope for Web Security?

Thursday, February 27, 2003 - 7:00pm
Charlie Kaufman, IBM

Web security is a deep and complex topic. Different people mean very different things by it. This talk looks at some very simple and common applications - buying something using a credit card and accessing a brokerage account using a web browser. It will discuss all the things that could go wrong and what we as a community would have to do to make it even as safe as doing the same operations over the phone. It considers what individuals and application designers can do today to protect themselves and whether developments on the horizon offer any hope of making the situation better.

Lecturer Biography: 

Charlie Kaufman is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM, where he is Chief Security Architect for Lotus Notes and Domino, as well as working within IBM in other security-related areas. He is co-author of the book "Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World" published by Prentice Hall and served on the National Academy of Sciences expert panel that wrote the book "Trust In Cyberspace". He currently serves on the IAB, the architecture board of the IETF. Within IETF he has contributed to a number of efforts, including chairing the Web Transaction Security working group. He is currently the editor of the new Internet Key Exchange protocol document for IPsec. He holds over 25 patents in the fields of computer security and computer networking.