Integrating Java and C++

Thursday, March 16, 2006 - 7:00pm
Alexander R. Krapf

Alex will start out by discussing the reasons why you would wish to integrate Java and C++. These include use cases such as gradual port, calling Enterprise Java from C++, publishing C++ bindings for your Java API, using third party Java code, standardizing on a particular library for all applications, and many more. He will first contrast integration with porting, then go on to describe the technical challenges that you encounter when you attempt to perform an integration of this kind. This part of the talk will go into technical details of object model mapping and in-process integration using the Java native interface (JNI) vs. out-of-process integration using sockets. A demo of some popular use cases and time for questions will round out the evening.

Lecturer Biography: 

Alex has been working in computer science for 17 years. His employers include DDI, Thomson Financial, IBM, and Hitachi. He's been doing C++ for nearly the entire time and started with Java when it was in v0.7. In 1999 Alex co-founded Codemesh, Inc. and has since been working there on language interoperability solutions, specializing on the topic of integration accross computer languages (Java, C++, .NET). Alex holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.