Global Trends in the Personal, Service and Mobile Robotics Market

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 6:30pm
Dan Kara, President, Robotics Trends

Joint meeting of Boston/Central New England Chapters of IEEE Computer and Robotics and Automation Societies and GBC/ACM
Advancements in robotics technology in the form of software, sensors, microprocessors, micromechanics and microelectronics, coupled with the economics of volume production, now make it possible to develop wholly new, low-cost, highly functional robotic products and robotically enhance existing product lines, as well as automate complex tasks formally handled by humans. As a result, individuals, businesses and governments across the globe are hard at work developing new robotic applications to meet critical needs in many areas such as medical care, the environment and defense, as well as less serious robotic devices that entertain and educate us. In this session attendees will learn how areas of the world differ in their approach to the new personal, service and mobile robotics industry, in terms of areas of focus, funding, as well as design and development approaches. The topic of careers in robotics will also be discussed.

Lecturer Biography: 

Dan Kara is President of Robotics Trends, a division of EH Publishing, an integrated media firm focusing on the personal, service and mobile robotics industry. Prior to forming Robotics Trends, Dan was co-founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Intermedia Group, a leading integrated conference and media company focused on emerging information technology markets. He has also served as VP of Advanced Information Technology Research at Sentry Group, VP and Director of Research at Ullo International, and as Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Software Productivity Group, an integrated publishing, conference and analyst services firm focused on the enterprise software marketplace. He holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Boston University.