Collaborative Software Development with Jazz

Thursday, March 20, 2008 - 7:00pm
Peter Klenk, IBM Rational

The Eclipse Platform was developed using agile practices, but the team never had the luxury of developing in a single location or even a single time zone. The team adapted and evolved its own practices and those adopted from the agile community in order to support their work to ship quality software on time. The Jazz Project has been exploring how tools can help with these practices and drawing on IBM Rational’s experience providing change management solutions. Jazz is a joint project between IBM Rational and IBM Research to build a scalable, extensible team collaboration platform for seamlessly integrating tasks across the software lifecycle. Learn more at This session will provide an overview of Jazz’s capabilities, architecture, and how Jazz is being developed, including a demonstration of Jazz at work.

Lecturer Biography: 

Peter Klenk is a member of the Jazz PMC and leads the Jazz development team in Lexington, MA, as part of IBM Rational. Peter has a twelve year history with software configuration management and change management under the IBM Rational brand, previously as architect for IBM Rational ClearCase. He led the initial development of Unified Change Management and the ClearCase Remote Client. Peter's career focus on tools for the software development community began with work on compilers and runtime environments at Hewlett-Packard. Peter holds a S.B. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT.