Coding with Eclipse: Modern Software Development

Thursday, April 3, 2008 - 7:00pm
Vineet Sinha

The buzz around Eclipse has only been growing.  Since its initial start as a Java development tool, Eclipse has rapidly evolved into a reusable platform for building IDEs, rich desktop applications, and more recently server-side applications.  This talk covers the latest happenings in the Eclipse world and brings highlights from this year’s EclipseCon.
We will give an overview of the different aspects of Eclipse and the updates of the various Eclipse projects. We will demonstrate using the tools that make up Eclipse as well as show how to reuse the platform, covering both how you can effectively use it for software development, and how you can extend it to do what you need it to do by providing your own plug-ins. We will also show some of the non-traditional tools built by the Eclipse community, ranging from tools designed to reduce developers’ information-overload to ones aimed at providing for easier development of mobile and rich web based applications.

Lecturer Biography: 

Vineet Sinha started building Eclipse plug-ins in 2003 as part of research in improving developer productivity. This research was the basis of his recent PhD in CS at MIT, and his tool has been rated as one of the top Eclipse tools in its category. Vineet is currently working on building out this functionality as the president and CTO of Architexa (