Axeda DRM - Remote Diagnostics & 24x7 Connectivity between Deployed Systems & Support Centers

Thursday, February 26, 2004 - 7:00pm
Jim Hansen, Axeda

Global 2,000 corporate IT departments have traditionally been expected to monitor and manage the uptime, availability and performance of their enterprise infrastructure solutions, comprised of storage, databases, networks, operating systems, enterprise software, and servers. However, business and market dynamics are changing the expectations that IT departments have for service and support from their vendors. The result is increasing demands that system providers take primary responsibility for ensuring the uptime and performance of their solutions. A rapidly growing segment of enterprise software called Device Relationship Management (DRM), which leverages the Internet to proactively connect remote applications to the people and systems responsible for their support, is enabling companies to improve their support operations while at the same time lowering total cost of ownership for their customers. In this presentation, Jim Hansen, Chief Technology Officer from Axeda Systems, will highlight how Axeda DRM is helping enterprise software and systems companies enhance their customer service while reducing support costs.

Lecturer Biography: 

Jim Hansen is CTO of Axeda, where he provides overall technical direction for their remote monitoring and maintenance software. Previously, he was principal software architect at FactorySoft, a leader in OPC technology. He has 15 years of experience designing hardware interfaces, including the development of software data acquisition and control systems on RSX and VMS, real-time UNIX, embedded kernels, and most recently, Microsoft Windows NT. He has also worked on industrial automation software and data collection and PC-based monitoring of chromatography systems. Mr. Hansen has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from UCLA and a master's degree in electrical engineering from California State University, Northridge.