Ron Jeffries
Extreme Programming (XP) Innovator, Author, Coach and Trainer

Ah. Well... I attended Juilliard... I'm a graduate of the Harvard business school. I travel quite extensively. I lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during that. I've seen the exorcist about a hundred and sixty-seven times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it... not to mention the fact that you're talking to a dead guy... now what do you think? You think I'm qualified?


Ron was the on-site coach on the very first XP project, starting in 1996. He is the senior author of Extreme Programming Installed, the second XP book after Beck's white one. He is also the author of /Extreme Programming Adventures in C#/, and the proprietor of, one of the longest-running and certainly the largest one-person site on XP, comprising over 200 articles at this time. Ron was one of the creators, and a featured instructor in Object Mentor's popular XP Immersion course. He is a well-known independent consultant in XP and Agile methods.

Ron notes: "I'm probably the most prolific web author in the Agile software space, on news groups and mailing lists. I'm a frequent speaker and trainer at Agile software development conferences, including attending and speaking all of those conferences in the US and some of the ones in Europe. I'm one of the 17 original authors and signatories of the Agile Manifesto ("

He holds Masters' degrees in Mathematics and Computer & Communication Science, and wrote his first computer program in FORTRAN for the IBM 704 at Strategic Air Command Headquarters (Omaha) in 1961.

Ron's software products have produced revenue of over half a billion dollars, and he wonders why he didn't get any of it.

A Quote

"My teams and I have implemented software products earning over half a billion dollars in revenue, including commercial software in assembler, FORTRAN, Pascal, C, C++, and Smalltalk. [[I wonder why I didn't get any of the money.]] I've also done substantial non-commercial development in LISP, Forth, and probably half a dozen other languages. I've implemented commercial operating systems, compilers, relational and set-theoretic database systems, and a wide range of applications. I have degrees in Mathematics and in Computer and Communication Science. All this experience comes at a price: I absolutely never get carded when I order a glass of beer. I was fortunate enough to get involved with Extreme Programming at the beginning, and I've been doing nothing but helping people with it ever since. Looking back over all my successful (and not so successful) projects, I'd apply XP techniques to all of them were I to do them over." --Ron Jeffries

Acknowledgement by Ron Jeffries

The precis quote above is from the delightful movie Beetlejuice, starring Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, and Winona Ryder. It's not really about me.


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